Mesotherapy With Micro Pen


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Micro pen mesotherapy it’s a method used with very small needles adjusting for each problem the depth of penetration. Using medical ingredients for lifting, pigmentation, scares, stretch marks and wrinkles.

Mesotherapy with Micro Pen: method of treatment:

We apply an emla cream which nums the area for painless treatment. We finish by a bioptron lamp to calm the skin from redness. Very important is that we irritate the skin for new cells regeneration to accomplish results. Your skin will be lightly red for the next twelve hours and the following days you might have a light exfoliation which can be avoided by using any aloe vera gel or Bepanthol.

Dracoula treatment using your own cells and peptides

Micro Pen Mesotherapy combined with Carbon Laser Treatment

mesotherapy with micropen
Mesotherapy With Micro Pen
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