Face Deep Clean Crystal Therapy with Diamonds

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Face Deep Clean Crystal Treatment and RF Radio-Frequncy for lifting ONLY € 80 from € 160!! Valid until 30.12.21

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Face Deep Clean with Crystals

It is a face deep clean of the dead selves of the face without the use of a steam but with the use of special micro crystals machine. It is one of the most popular treatment for both women and men with immediate result giving, a smooth skin compaction with less pigmentation, less open pores, micro-scars and smooth out the fine wrinkles giving a glow and firmness to the whole face and neck. Finishing with ingredients according to the problem, vitamins C, hyaluronic peptides and oxygen mask. Before the end of the treatment enjoy a decolde and neck massage to relax.

face deep clean with crystals
Face Deep Clean Crystal Therapy with Diamonds
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