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relaxing massage

Relaxing Massage

What is a relaxing massage? A relaxing massage is a light pressure on whole body using essential oils to ease the tension from the whole body and mind. What type of massage is most relaxing? When it comes to relaxing the best massage is the aromatherapy massage that deep penetrates the essential oils and relaxes …

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radiofrequency facial treatment

RF Radiofrequency Facial Treatment

Low Intensity RF radiofrequency facial treatment for face, neck and decolte! VISIBLE RESULTS WITH THE FIRST TREATMENT RF radiofrequecy treatment uses the latest medical techniques and technology to efficiently deliver the energy needed to selectively heat the collagen fiber for skin tightening, improves all problems of the face neck decolte and body with long lasting …

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Therapeutic suction cup massage

A therapeutic massage in which the masses use their hands with essential oils and alternately the suction cups to unblock the lymph and the tired injured muscles. It relaxes the neck muscles and generally where there is a problem in the body resulting in consumption and better blood circulation. Recommended for full recovery of frequent …

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coolifting treatement with cool gun

Cool Lifting Gun

The CooLifting treatment consists of hyaluronic and peptide vial that are applied, along with the CO2 cartridges, with the CooLifting gun in each treatment. The session: simple, non-invasive and fast treatment: 45 minutes open a new future for rejuvenation. Symbiosis between a large concentration of anti-aging actives and an efficient activation of the epidermis allows …

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emsculpting at bodycare cyprus


Special Offer FREE EMSculpting with one facial deep cleansing!! Emsculpting is a non surgical body shaping and fat reduction treatment that not only reduces fat but helps to tone and strengthen the muscles in the areas treated!

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