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Botox treatment for face lifting is a modern treatment for reduces skin wrinkles.  The unique ingredients of this treatment with oxygen yalouronic and TCA acid travels down deep to the layer of the skin and regenerates Collagen Elastin and cell reproduction with the result of a full face and neck lifting. The results you see

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radiofrequency facial treatment

RF Radiofrequency Facial Treatment

Low Intensity RF radiofrequency facial treatment for face, neck and decolte! VISIBLE RESULTS WITH THE FIRST TREATMENT RF radiofrequecy treatment uses the latest medical techniques and technology to efficiently deliver the energy needed to selectively heat the collagen fiber for skin tightening, improves all problems of the face neck decolte and body with long lasting

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coolifting treatement with cool gun

Cool Lifting Gun

The CooLifting treatment consists of hyaluronic and peptide vial that are applied, along with the CO2 cartridges, with the CooLifting gun in each treatment. The session: simple, non-invasive and fast treatment: 45 minutes open a new future for rejuvenation. Symbiosis between a large concentration of anti-aging actives and an efficient activation of the epidermis allows

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carbon laser treatment for facial peel

Carbon Laser Treatment

Carbon Laser treatment is a skillful, non-invasive and painless treatment that is performed with a Nd-Yag laser and is exactly what you need to minimize the small imperfections of the skin and give your face a porcelain look, velvety texture and radiance. Benefits: It tightens and cleans the dilated pores. Reduces acne, scars and discoloration

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Deep Cleansing Facial

A deep cleansing facial is the process of aesthetics that aims to remove dirt and sebum from the skin. This is done with the use of cosmetics and beauty equipment. The facial cleaning consists of the following stages: Removal of pollutants and makeup emulsion and lotions. Light peeling face to remove dead skin cells, making

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lady before and after acne treatment at body care Larnaca

Russian Treatment for Acne, Wrinkles, Scars and Freckles Treatments. Russian Peeling for oiliness, acne, and open pores. The same peeling can be used in different way for scars and wrinkles. We will use the steamer for blackheads and acne cleaning all the bacterial and apply the Russian peeling we massage with smooth strokes and then we apply the biotrone lamp to disinfect

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AHA peeling

Peeling with fruit acids is a noninvasive treatment that addresses each skin type. The cocktail of acids contained in the treatment achieves the controlled chemical reconstruction of skin and restores youthfulness, from the very first application. With the controlled exfoliating action this cocktail thoroughly cleanses the skin, smoothes fine lines and wrinkles, whitening pigmentation spots,

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Oxygenation Treatment for Complete Hydration

Treatment with honey oxygenation and oxygen has decongestion  and anti-aging properties. Honey acts as a moisturizing, nourishing, soothing and refreshing agent, so that impurities are removed and at the same time to polish and shine your skin. Then  application of decongestion  and relaxing massage combined with honey with oxygen and essential oils activates cell renewal

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No-needle Mesotherapy with ACTHYDERM machine at BODY CARE

The no-needle mesotherapy is an improved transdermal delivery system for small amounts of active substances. In traditional injection mesotherapy substances is effected by micro-injections in the dermis and the use of very fine needles. The no-needle mesotherapy is a new painless technique that replaces the use of the needle. What is improved by  the no-needle

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